Hi, I'm Garrett, and welcome to my website! Here, you'll find my projects, blog entries, and some cool extras. I enjoy pretty much anything related to computers and spend most of my time on projects that help me understand them better.



I accept online payments via the following cryptocurrencies.

Monero (XMR) 45p23Gh9DEFPVgYXmh8S37HQZeiJ2WE5Lji8FNztNmFC4SRVGoowrKN1ssZZxzstjURZ9PsvJNNroF8JKEtiV1GTQHLChoD
Bitcoin (BTC) bc1qlq7vjry8lp4jpsvu8rxknv7l3e27yl5dncapp8

I also accept tips with BAT for people who use Brave.