Safe Rust bindings for the Steam Web API is a library for Rust that provides safe, convenient bindings for the Steam WebAPI. Here’s an example:

use std::env;
use steam_rs::{Steam, SteamId};

async fn main() {
    // Get the Steam API Key as an environment variable
    let steam_api_key = env::var("STEAM_API_KEY").expect("Missing an API key");

    // Initialize the Steam API client
    let steam = Steam::new(steam_api_key);

    // Request the recently played games of SteamID `76561197960434622`
    let steam_id = SteamId::new(76561197960434622);
    let recently_played_games = steam.get_recently_played_games(steam_id, None).await.unwrap();

    // Print the total count of the user's recently played games
    println!("{}", recently_played_games.total_count);