Animal Crossing City Folk

  • Released on 16 November 2008
  • Developed by Nintendo EAD
  • Published by Nintendo
  • I have this game on Nintendo Wii
  • I first played this game on 04 November 2022
An image of the game's cover art

Although this isn’t my first Animal Crossing game (that would be New Leaf), this is the first game in the series that I truly got invested into and spent tons of hours in. I fell in love with the atmosphere, music, and even the villagers, while they are a bit more bland in this game compared to earlier entries in the series.

Welcome to Spinkaas

Town gate

Friendly villager

Online Multiplayer

Although the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (WFC) service shut down in 2014, you can still play this game online! There are pretty large communities on Discord and Reddit that still actively play this game using Wiimmfi, a free replacement service for the WFC. Here’s my friend code if you ever want to play: 1638-1064-3497.